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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Fathers Concern

Mr. MCcain:

The polls and pundits keep saying that this Election will be very close.

In my opinion, it does not matter who becomes the next President, and I base my opinion that we have far too many Senators and Congressmen that are entrenched and stagnated on Capital Hill that are there in thier best interest, and not in the peoples best interest.

The idiocy that the American people continue to vote the same people over and over, many with 30 - 40 years boggles my mind!!! WE NEED TERM LIMITS NOT TO EXCEED 10 YEARS (ten years maximum) as there are far too many buddies and good old boys running our Nation and they should also be on SOCIAL SECURITY like many Americans, and not on an elite expensive plan in which they and spouses get large monetery incomes not comparable to incomes from Social Security. Mr. MCcain, Please listen...If you want to win this election, you will have to gain the confidence of many Hispanic people in States like California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and other States with large numbers of Hispanics etc,etc.

One important item you politicians shrug, is the word "Spanish" and prefer to use the misnomer term LATINO. We have two Border Patrol agents, Ramos and Compean whom should be getting awards, but instead they are in prison because Racists like Johny sutton used his powers to put them there, and Racist George W. Bush who refuses to Pardon them!!! Would you or will you pardon this two men???

I seriously believe you should mention Ramos and Compean in public which will gain you many votes... If this message is not given to you, perhaps your staff is being derelict in keeping you informed. I do believe you need as many votes as posibble, and this is no BS!!!
This will be my last urgent suggestion to you, and I ask that letters for donations be discontinued as I do not donate to political spending.

Thank you!
Submitted by....Roy A. "Elroyo" Archuleta

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