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Friday, March 7, 2008

My Co-Author Hits Number 1 Spot On Google Search

How about this then my dear readers and subscribers.

My co-author Colin aka cotojo started his Free PC Security blog 11 months ago and has been in Googles top 10 for much of that time, reaching number 2 on Google Search for his niche, Free PC Security. Today he has reached the Number 1 spot. His blog remains Free without paid links etc.

I am so proud of my buddy,, he really deserves this.. ever since I met Colin he has been a gentleman and friend.. I can honestly say that what he does is for a great purpose,, he helps people out..and he really cares... KUDOS TO YOU BUDDY yur buddy Colorado baby :)

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Colorado Baby Cares said...

CONGRAGULATIONS BUDDY, YOU DEFINATELY DESERVE THIS..Like I always say thanks for all your help and giving spirit,,, your friend Colorado Baby

garryblanson said...

...way to go Colin!
I've never been to your blogsite,
but I can always give encouragement to someone like you.